Bowie Jane

pop Mild mannered criminal lawyer by day – pop power-house by night! Leaping straight from the pages of a super-hero action plot, Bowie Jane (27), dumps the briefcase and whips off the suit to reveal a lycra-clad pop siren with a serious mission to complete on planet pop. Exploding into the UK with her power-packed pop anthem, ‘Luv Bomb’, released 11 March 2013, Australian born Bowie Jane is on target for world domination and she won’t stop until her mission is completed. ​ A super-charged, neutron-tempo dance track, ‘Luv Bomb’ is a pure pop explosion of energy and foot-stomping beats which guarantees to propel Bowie Jane into the glare of the limelight as soon as it drops on UK turf. ​ With in-ya-face Pink-esque attitude, ‘Luv Bomb’ pumps out a body-bouncing story that repels the attentions of an unwanted suitor. Stripped back, candid and strong, Bowie Jane punches her weight both musically and lyrically and the result is mind blowin’.  Leading a secret double-existence, Bowie Jane spends the daylight hours working as a straight-laced criminal lawyer. But totally unbeknown to her colleagues, this super-woman surreptitiously transforms into a pop-demon at night, regularly whizzing from court, switching her name and pounding on stage to perform to thousand-strong crowds. ​ With the energy of a neutron-bomb, Bowie Jane uses the moonlight hours to pen her original tracks and injects her charismatic performances onto live sta...

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